Ban the use of cell phones

I have to agree with most of the comments already made by Messrs. Blake and Daniels.

In my view the single leading cause of accidents in the Cayman Islands is the use of cell phones whilst people are driving. It is almost unbelievable to see the antics of some drivers, who often seem to be driving massive SUVs or trucks, whilst they are yammering on their cell phones or even more incredibly sending text messages whilst driving.

When you are driving you should only be doing one thing and that is driving and not talking on the phone, reading a map, watching TV, eating a meal, fixing your make-up or anything else.

So, ban the use of cell phones by drivers unless they are safely parked out of traffic and you should see a significant decline in accidents.

If drivers then want to break the law, this will provide another income stream for Government’s coffers in the form of hefty on the spot fines or confiscation and sale of the vehicle in the case of repeat offenders.

Use of cell phones by drivers is already banned in a number of countries for a good reason. Let’s join them.

John Fletcher