We’re supposed to be capitalists

The reports in the press would seem to indicate a lack of competence and expertise on the part of the overseas team conducting this police investigation!

If in fact it is really the case then the Cayman Islands Government must refuse to pay the costs and let the British Government and Governor sort it out between them especially the payment to Justice Henderson.

The whole affair has left me wondering how much we can depend on the Mother Country for advice if incompetence was as bad as suggested by the press. I think the affair once again proves that if Government gets involved in anything costs rise out of all proportion.

Remember in the private sector costs are a major factor or the company goes bankrupt whereas with Government there is no such criteria. We have spent money recently like there is no tomorrow and now we are scratching around for cash. Just remember that will be the norm if we go socialist like the UK. We don’t need the ‘Cargo Cult’ doctrine here we are supposed to espouse capitalism…

John Fleming