Firearms case in court

Cassandra Bodden appeared in Grand Court on Friday, 23 October to be arraigned on charges of importing firearms and ammunition.

The 26-year-old pleaded not guilty to count one of the indictments, which states that between the 23 and 27 April, the defendant imported four firearms, described as a .40 Smith and Wesson, a 9mm Ruger, a .45 Glock model 21, and a 9mm Arcus.

The second count, which Bodden also plead not guilty to, alleges that on the said dates, the defendant imported ammunition, which included 50 rounds of Winchester .38 special, 25 rounds of Remmington Golden Saber .45 and 347 rounds of Luger 9mm.

A trial date for 19 April 2010 had been set for Cassandra Bodden; however the proceedings have now been scheduled to take place on 22 March.

The defendant has chosen to have a jury decide her case as opposed to a Grand Court Justice.

She is represented by Attorney Nicholas Dixey.