District council office opening spurs budget update

A grand opening and ribbon cutting was held on Saturday, 24 October for the first Bodden Town District Council Office.

Bodden Town MLA’s Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland attended the ceremony, in addition to members of the council and supporters and onlookers.

During his remarks, Mr. Seymour told those on hand that the office was one way of ensuring the lines of communication between the people and their representatives were always open.

He reminded them that the United Kingdom had still not fully approved the government’s budget and has instead ‘given us a measly amount to operate on a month to month basis, like a spoiled child that is under threat of having his/her television taken away.’

The MLA said there was not a lot of money but he and Mr. Scotland were still trying and the District Council Office would act in an advisory capacity; in line with the new constitution’s requirements and indeed, ahead of them.

The office, which is located in Savannah Newlands, is the first of all districts.

Mr. Scotland said the United Democratic Party encountered a financial situation that was difficult to fathom when they took office earlier this year but were determined to make progress with projects.

The minister pointed out that the government could not have laid off workers because the private sector would not have been able to absorb the influx of workers.

Instead, he said they had implemented stringent cost cutting measures and increased revenue.

He acknowledged that many businesses were also threatening to leave the Cayman Islands for the competition and pledged to not let this happen without making adjustments that could curb the potential of such developments.

During the minister’s update, he said the Government recently received a letter from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office giving the Islands the go ahead to borrow $100 million.

He said government was also looking at ways of getting the recent crime wave under control and were in talks with the Governor, as well as the Commissioner of Police about implementing a special task force to combat the scourge.

Both members say they look forward to continuing to serve in the community and thanked all for their support and prayers.

A second District Council Office to be housed in the Bodden Town Civic Centre is also planned.