Seamen’s pensions in danger

All Cayman seamen should read this letter.

You are facing stormy weather from our government. Our pensions may be stopped for reasons you may not even know.

Are you planning to live in some country less expensive? Well you can’t. Seamen who have made a living working on ships worldwide cannot receive t heir benefits if they live abroad.

The widows who may be from Jamaica or Central America – they may want to return to their countries rather than be a burden to their extended families in Cayman; to be able to buy some candy or toys for their grandchildren or food for aging relatives. That is not all. Even a long vacation abroad for pleasure or medical reasons puts you at risk of losing your benefits. You may be like me; cut off with no warning in mid month; not able to return home, no money to pay your bills or buy food.

Our 15 elected MLAs can sign a pledge to change all of this immediately. Those who do will have my vote…those who do not should remember the many votes cast by seamen and their families.

Pray and hope my fellow seamen the storm may soon be over and we will have clear weather. Some of us may go down with the ship, but many will live better because of our work still at sea.

Clive Christian

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