Camana Bay gets fitter

Cayman Sports has unveiled several new group fitness classes that will be held at Camana Bay starting next week.

Cayman Sports will be providing BeachFit boot camp, Pilates, Yoga, PaddleFit and BabyBuggyFit classes at either the Camana Bay beach site or at the recently opened Crescent from 2 November.

‘Both of these locations are truly stunning and the classes will be very popular,’ said Cayman Sports head instructor Warren Urquhart.

‘We are very excited to partner with Camana Bay and offer a wide range of group fitness classes. We want to provide Camana Bay residents and tenants with fitness classes that are fun, innovative, effective, and right on their own doorstep.’

The Yoga and Pilates classes will be 6.30am Tuesday to Thursday at the Crescent, and the BeachFit boot camp will be at the Camana Bay Beach site and run Monday to Thursday at 6.30am. PaddleFit will be on Friday at 6.30am and Saturday mornings at 8.15am.

PaddleFit is a group class involving the stand up paddleboard, which is the newest water sport craze in Cayman. Half the class will be land based fitness, the other half actually on the boards on the water. Private paddleboard classes are also available.

The BabyBuggyFit is a new concept for mum’s fitness. The mums actually bring their babies to the fitness class and the buggy and baby are integrated into the workout.

BabyBuggyFit will run Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am. Hosted by Lori Rye who taught BabyBuggyFit in Bermuda, the class will use the wide open spaces and natural environment around Camana Bay to provide a well rounded workout.

‘It’s a great opportunity for new mums to get fit and active again without having to find someone to look after their child. It is also a chance to bond with their child and other mums,’ said Rye.

‘By combining our team of experienced and highly qualified instructors, with the wonderful locations at Camana Bay, we have created a series of fitness classes that will ensure all fitness needs are met while Camana Bay’s beauty can be enjoyed,’ said Urquhart. ‘Camana Bay is the benchmark in Cayman for offering its residents a complete lifestyle package and our on site classes will only enhance that reputation.’

Camana Bay residents and tenants will get first option on the classes and discounted rates, but anyone from around the island can sign up for what are sure to be popular group workouts.