ESPN is back on WestStar with huge array of sports

After lengthy negotiations ESPN International and ESPN 2 are back on WestStar TV.

The popular sports networks feature MLB, American college football, NFL, NASCAR and tennis.

ESPN made the two channels unavailable during contract negotiations with WestStar. Now WestStar has announced the channels are back up.

WestStar TV’s Marketing Manager, Dianne Bissoon said: ‘Our number one priority is providing our customers with the variety of channels and programming that they have come to expect from WestStar. We are extremely excited to be able to offer these channels once again to our valued customers.’

Together, the two networks provide coverage of popular major sporting events such as the ATP US Open, and the World Series, as well as growing sports like Ironman and mixed martial arts.

ESPN I is available on WestStar’s Basic digital service package on channel 40, and ESPN 2 is now on channel 140, which is part of the Sports and Information package. Weststar is also working on adding ESPN I to the HD offering, further details will be released very soon.