Farm Soldiers eye redemption

The Caybrew Farm Soldiers are a real enigma.

In the beginning few saw the men’s flag football champions from last year being dethroned easily.

Alas the injury bug hit the team and many of its star players, such as Brad Connolly and William Peguero Jr, went down throughout the season.

Coupled with a slew of new players on the squad and the formerly composed Caybrew side came off as disorganized.

The result was the team suffered many unexpected defeats and barely won the games that it did.

Ultimately the Farm Soldiers would be strapped with a 6-6 mark this past season, finishing just fifth in the league.

From there their title defense would come to a quick end at the hands of the Maples Packers who knocked them out in the first round.

Yet there is so much talent all over the field with guys like defenders Tito Solomon and Jeff Wight that it is hard to write off the team as a bust now or for the future.

Even though the squad failed to meet expectations this season many will leap at a shot at redemption this weekend in the Caribbean Regional Cup.

Among those who could be playing are Luigi Moxam. One of the league’s more athletic quarterbacks, Moxam struggled this season with consistency and throwing accuracy.

However there is no denying Moxam is a master at making something out of nothing and once he’s in rhythm he is hard to sack.

With the Cayman side only having a few other options at quarterback Moxam might just turn into the chief play caller for the team if he is up to it.

Another local player who could make an impact for team Cayman is Renford Barnes.

Barnes, when he is on point, is a technically sound defender who can change a game with interceptions.

This season may not have seen Barnes show that ability enough but now could be his chance.

From there new player Glenn Durant Jr could build on a solid season by taking the field for the North America side.

The team’s quarterback and cornerback at times Durant Jr showed great footwork before going down with injury.

Based on his often solid decision-making this reporter feels Durant Jr could be an impact player.