Kanza glows as little stars shine

Cayman’s extraordinary standing in the karate world can be attributed to some exceptional instructors and one of them is Sensei Greg Reid.

In the few years he has worked here since moving to Cayman from Canada he has brought on many youngsters.

The Cayman Associated School of Karate has flourished since Reid started it at the King’s Sports Centre in George Town and this year has seen the kids progress dramatically.

The CASK children had their third grading of the year last Saturday in their new dojo. The place was heaving with pupils and parents there for support and it was a wonderful occasion.

‘We had 59 participants with about ten absent being off island and religious obligations,’ said Sensei Reid.

‘I believe very strongly in our Cayman youth karate organization as being a valuable asset in our community. We have about 70-plus youths training now, so basically 70 families are involved.

‘We teach karate as an art first and foremost, there are lots of sports available to youths but at CASK the traditional values come first.

‘Karate teaches respect, honesty, loyalty, discipline, physical fitness, self defense and leadership skills.

‘At CASK Karate the adults are the foundation but the youths are the future. We also have an adult coed class and a women’s only class. Karate is amazing and everyone should get involved.’

Kanza Bodden is a special athlete for many reasons. She’s 13 and only been practicing for three years and is already a junior brown belt. The fact that Kanza has Down’s Syndrome makes her progress all the more remarkable.

Her mother has stated that karate has really helped her in all aspects of her life.

Reid said: ‘Kanza is working on her focus and is a joy in the class. She is extremely well behaved and has amazing flexibility.’

Robert Rutkowski is another exceptional pupil. Only eight, he has been training for only two years, and is also a junior brown.

‘Robbie’s mother has stated that karate has completely changed his life,’ said Reid. ‘Robbie has developed confidence and was extremely shy when he first came.

‘He along with Miguel Riverol just received their Leadership Certification. Robbie is always early to class and is a co-assistant instructor in the white, yellow and orange belt class. Robbie like Kanza has his basic jujutsu certification.’

  • Further info can be found at the Internationals association website www.wado.ca or by phoning 925-3367.