Ropers employees giving back

Cayman is looking a little bit shinier thanks to a new initiative from Ropers, with volunteers participating in the Giving Back to Cayman programme taking on some government cleaning project free of charge.

Ropers employees

Ropers employees

‘When we heard government was having financial problems we wanted to do something about it,’ explained Maintenance and Janitorial Coordinator David Ewerse.

‘We have such a diverse workforce, and we thought, we have all been able to benefit from working here, now here is a chance for us to do something in return for Cayman,’ he said.

Mr. Ewerse says participation is strictly up to the employees, who can respond to a mass text whether they would like to participate or not.

‘There is definitely no pressure to do this, we make it clear,’ said Mr. Ewerse.

While cleaning up tough messes on one’s day off is not a job that many would consider an ideal volunteer opportunity, so far, the turnout has been enthusiastic from Ropers staff.

Projects to date include doing a professional deep clean of the restrooms at Boatswain’s Beach, and a thorough cleanup of Heroes Square, which meant polishing the memorial plaques and scrubbing and cleaning the pavement, including the painstaking task of removing stuck-on chewing gum.

This past weekend, a crew was hard at work on Saturday morning scrubbing, polishing and sealing the exterior tile work at the Glass House entryways.

Upcoming projects include deep cleans of the George Town, North Side and West Bay public libraries.

The teams have also been out cleaning the Rotary bus stops.

Mr. Ewerse says he hopes the Giving Back to Cayman programme will also be able to donate a few deep cleans to government schools.

‘While each of the schools have cleaners who do a great job of keeping them clean on a daily basis, we have the equipment to come in and do a top to bottom deep clean on the auditorium, for instance,’ he said.

He says the initiative is bringing the company’s employees together.

‘Some people can say, Cayman is just a place where I work,’ he said.

‘But your work is your home, and this is one way we can all pull together to give back.’