Ballantyne’s time to shine

In the world of darts Eddie Ballantyne continues to climb the local ranks.

A member of the scene for 14 years it is only recently Ballantyne is getting the publicity for being among its best and most technical players.

First it was his solid performance at the World Cup of Darts in North Carolina this summer.

Now it is his exploits at the 2009 Vivian Rankine Memorial Tournament.

Last weekend Ballantyne cemented his name on the scene by winning the tournament outright.

The Corner Pocket bar and its 60 attendees witnessed Ballantyne scoop up the overall title, the A division singles title and finish second in the A division doubles event.

He would partner with Cayman Darts Association president Arthur Ebanks in the doubles matches, who still had his touch after a long lay-off.

The proud Scotsman was consistent over the two days of the competition, consistently finishing in less than 20 darts.

Ballantyne’s effort would outshine many stellar performances by the field of 30 competitors. Many of whom are notable names in local darts including brothers Cassius and Paul Anglin of West Bay.

One of the best performances came from elder statesman Neville Parker, who himself has quietly been involved with local darts for over a decade.

Parker had a great shooting rhythm throughout the competition which resulted in three trophies of his own.

The B division title, the B division doubles championship (with partner Rodan Asuncion) and a second place overall trophy would all belong to Parker.

Other notable winners include Hank Ebanks (second place in the B division singles event and the B division doubles with Allan Laidlaw) and Mel Tagalog (third place in the A division singles and third in the B division doubles with Hiram Wright).

Defending champion Richard Campbell was knocked out in the A division playoff stages.