Where the rubber meets the road

Biblical scriptures tell us that there is nothing new under the sun. Yet, the search for the Holy Grail of weight loss continues.

In over 30 years in the world of weight loss, I have observed that the major headlines in any weight loss magazine or in most weight loss programmes are still the same: Walk off pounds. Reduce calories to cut belly fat. Increase fruits and vegetables. Drink water. Increase fibre. Burn more calories than you consume. Weigh only once per week. Exercise three- to four times weekly. Cut saturated fat. Practise portion control. Choose wholegrain over processed flour products. Build muscle to boost metabolism.

Yet, the ‘rubber meets the road’, as Lifestyle participants often hear in workshops, when you leave the class and venture out into your personal life. Knowing what to do is one step, doing it is more important. There can be a huge chasm between the two.

How can you make the transition from thinking and talking about losing weight to losing weight? How can you take the step from knowing what you need to do to actually doing it? Alas, if only I could bottle and market that necessary ingredient, my financial future and your weight loss success would be guaranteed.

Most essential qualities for successful weight loss come from within. No amount of cheerleading from your personal coach, promises from your bottled metabolism booster or chiding from your partner will ultimately work unless you make it work. Neither will a far-fetched weight loss scheme that has you peeing on a stick to see if you are in ketosis. Oprah Winfrey herself said that any diet which involves peeing on a stick is to be avoided, and it is alarming to see medical personnel practising this approach.

Successful weight loss is possible and exciting. It is an internal journey of overcoming obstacles and bravely facing change. It requires an investment in yourself; and being overweight may have put your self-esteem on an all-time low so that you many not feel worthy of such an investment. That attitude must change.

While change is uncomfortable for many people, it is a major catalyst in life. We like our heavy-cake feeling on a Sunday afternoon or comatose beer and pizza nights after a stressful day. Although we covet the more slender and fitter life, giving up our blanket of excess weight may just seem too daunting.

With weights soaring to new heights, I encourage you to dare to be different. Don’t buy into lethargy, complacency and the ‘it won’t work for me’ viewpoint. Of course it will work, if you do the work.

While weight loss does not come easily, let me assure you, the rewards and benefits feels like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You really can do it. All you have to do is… do it.

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