Streeter returns home

One of Cayman’s most recognized names in water sports is back on these shores this weekend.

World-record free-diver Tanya Streeter is slated to be on Grand Cayman from tomorrow.

Streeter is expected to be in the Cayman Islands for one week to do the cover story (tentatively titled “Cayman’s Mermaid”) for Destination Cayman, a tourism publication commonly found in Cayman Airways planes.

Before leaving next Saturday Streeter is expected to take part in a photo-shoot and relax.

Streeter, 36, was born in Grand Cayman and grew up in South Sound. These days she resides in Austin, Texas with her husband of 14 years Paul Streeter.

Paul is a construction manager and works under the name Camelot Custom Homes Inc. Tanya also helps out with the company in addition to leading scuba workshops in Florida and Texas.

Aside from that Tanya focuses her energy on teaching a free-diving seminar called ‘Redefine Your Limits.’

Oddly enough Tanya has also put some focus into the world of ice diving.

According to her husband, Tanya travelled to Antarctica last month. She was a member of a team of ice divers to test SCUBA diving regulators in the below-freezing waters of the Ross Sea.

The team and the entire project was put together by Michael Lang of the Smithsonian Institution. The objective was to repeatedly dive a selection of regulators, evaluate their performance and ultimately select a make/model to replace dated regulators currently in use as replacement parts are no longer available.

Tanya was also one of just 300 people to dive off of the McMurdo Research Station this year.

Tanya rose to prominence a decade ago when she broke the women’s free-diving records in 1998. She would go on to break the men’s records in 2002.

She is renown for going as deep as 400 feet in the ocean water and being able to hold her breath for as long as six minutes.

Streeter reportedly retired last August after having a baby.