Today’s Editorial November 06: Reflect on this day

If there’s not a lump in your throat today, the Cayman Islands isn’t truly in your heart.

A page in history is being written today as we enact our newly modernised constitution and swear in our very own premier.

Congratulations Mr. McKeeva Bush, you have our heartfelt well wishes and prayers.

Kudos also go to second in command Mrs. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks (his father Craddock would be proud as are the people of the District of North Side).

This is a day of much joy and celebration and we hope that all in the Cayman Islands take advantage of this one-time public holiday to appreciate exactly what this day means.

We are ushering in a new era; the future of our country has taken a step forward.

With the new Constitution we are taking a bit more control of our own destiny out of the hands of the United Kingdom, which has steadily shown, recently, that it doesn’t really have our best interest at heart.

Are we moving toward independence? We think so.

It won’t happen tomorrow, next week or next year, but one day the reality will come when we have cut our apron strings to the Mother Country.

Our new document is paving the way for that eventuality.

God speed to Mr. Bush, Mrs. O’Connor-Connolly and Mr. Ebanks; our hopes, wishes and prayers are with you.