Killa will repay Goossen

Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker hopes that the next chapter in his boxing career will be a happy one.

The last couple of years have been frustrating for the West Bay fighter but having recently signed a five-year deal with top US promoter Dan Goossen, he hopes that elusive world title shot will finally come about.

Goossen promoted the Cayman Knockout show in Grand Cayman last June and included Whittaker on the show. Killa won with a fourth round knockout and suitably impressed Goossen.

Whittaker (34-12-2, 22 KOs) is 36 in January and knows that the clock is ticking. He is ranked No.7 in the WBO ratings and hopes to get a world title shot by next year.

Killa’s trainer Norman Wilson, an American who is based in the Philippines, arrived in Cayman with a sparring partner over the weekend to prepare Whittaker for his next fight.

He boxes on a Goossen promotion in San Diego, California on 28 November.

At the newly opened D Dalmain boxing gym just before he left, Killa said: ‘I’m happy right now, knowing that the contracts have been signed in the summer months but my agent Raul Alvarez and I didn’t want to make the announcement until right around the time I’d be fighting.

‘We’ve already had to change opponents. It’s not Ryan Davis anymore. He wanted ridiculous money to fight me.

‘A lot of the guys don’t want to fight me unless they’re making a lot more money.

‘I met the WBO president Paco Valcarcel at a convention for the first time ever last year and he said: ‘Oh Charles Whittaker, nobody wants to fight you!’

‘We hope now to get the opportunities under Dan. I always say that my best days are ahead of me.

‘In the new year we’ve got some big things planned. They’re really heating up, hopefully around March.’

Dr Dalton Watler, Director of Sports, said: ‘This is great for Charles. Dan Goossen is a good promoter. He knows that Charles can do good things. Unfortunately, he did not have the right guys behind him in the first place. He’ll now get his chances to get there, so let’s see what happens.’

‘Charles Whittaker is the epitome of a boxer determined to overcome any and all obstacles and is a welcome addition to the Goossen Tutor stable,’ Goossen said.

‘We liked what we saw of him in the Cayman Islands and we tracked his progress up to now. He worked hard and got better with each fight. There are some bigger fights out there for Charles.’