Today’s Editorial for November 10: Walk this way

The modern world has brought with it many wonders that make our lives easier.

But for all the convenience technology has brought, it has also seemingly made us lazy.

Take, for example, walking, which is the primary method of human locomotion. It seems as if this simple and healthy task has become too strenuous for many residents, of all nationalities, to bear.

People would rather wait idling in their cars, sometimes backing up traffic into the street, than to choose an empty parking space and walk 50 feet or more. People will also illegally double park, park on sidewalks or in fire lanes, even if there is an available parking space a few steps away.

The latter practices are not only lazy, but they are extremely selfish in their complete disregard to the conventions of polite society.

We understand that it is hot in the Cayman Islands and that it rains a lot during certain parts of the year. People can be excused for illegally parking in the midst of a deluge to run into a place of business to drop something off. But many people are doing this all the time, and for more than just a couple of seconds.

This aversion to walking is probably one of the reasons – along with diet – that there are more overweight people here than ever. Look at photos of Caymanians of yesteryear and you’ll notice very few overweight people. It’s probably no coincidence that Caymanians used to also walk a lot.

Maybe we should take the cue of those Caymanians and embrace walking. Rather than trying to get a parking space right next to the door of the supermarket, maybe we should try parking in the back of the lot, just to force ourselves to get a little exercise.

Of course, it would be nice to enjoy the fresh air and scenery while walking, rather than spending it talking on the cell phone, but that’s another topic all together.