Bish puts emphasis on quality

It was a scary run for some but the amount of money raised was delightful.

The rugby club in South Sound had its inaugural annual 5k run last week and managed to raise $1,500 from its 70-odd runners. It was an encouraging start and organizer Matthew Bishop hopes it will grow from there.

‘Children’s involvement was the main aim behind the Scary Run,’ he said. ‘We had Ribena sponsoring and they organized the lolly scramble and the free fruit drink after.’

Caroline Deegan has been working full-time at the club since March and she helps bring in revenue by running the bar and helping Bishop with the fundraising activities.

Bishop is vice-president for operations at the rugby club. He said: ‘What we’re trying to do is reduce the number of fundraising activities but make the events more important.

‘For instance we were having a quiz night every other week and a whole raft of events. But businesses were getting sick of hearing from rugby players.

‘We’ve got a golf tournament, probably the first week in February and a large cash prize raffle in March/April.’

Traditionally they have a big dinner at the Ritz-Carlton in June and bring over a big name former player. This year it was Martin Bayfield and the previous year Gavin Hastings.

‘The demographics show that members in their 30s with families have a certain amount of discretionary money but we want to get away from these big value dinners and maybe have a smaller, more affordable dinner with finger food and buffets.’