Licensing building nears completion

The Department of Vehicle and Driver’s Licensing is getting ready to move to its new home in Grand Harbour.

The new Department of Vehicle and Drivers Licensing building

The new Department of Vehicle and Drivers Licensing building is reaching completion and should be ready by early next year. Photo: Basia Pioro McGuire

The two-storey, 9,000 square foot building will house the new headquarters of the department which is moving it out of its two crowded George Town locations.

‘We are going to be done by the early part of next year,’ said Deputy Director Richard Sims.

The building will house approximately 35 staff, mostly administrative staff from the Walkers Road location, as well as others from Elgin Avenue, where vehicle inspections are done.

‘It’s a pretty cramped location, with lines of cars sometimes stretching all the way down the road,’ said Mr. Sims. The Elgin Avenue location will be handed over to the police department next door.

‘Having this new building will be a major improvement, and help us alleviate congestion in the vehicle registrations, drivers’ license and exam centres,’ said Mr. Sims.

The building is built to the latest hurricane specifications, says Edgewater’s Development’s Kris Bergstrom. ‘It’s been elevated to the appropriate height to withstand flooding, and it’s got hurricane-resistant roof and walls,’ he said.

‘It’s also going to be as energy-efficient as possible, through use of insulation and proper sealing.’

Mr. Sims noted the new building will have two inspection bays, along with 84 parking spaces, reducing congestion and enabling the staff to handle more people at once.