Rotary Central supports Junior Achievers

The Rotary Central club invited local students to talk about their experiences at August’s Junior Achievement Exchange conference in Hamilton, Ontario.

Every year the club sponsors local students to attend the conference, which is a major leadership event for youth. According to a Rotary advisory, Rotarians were given presentations by Saneta Smith and Lloyd Barker.

Rotary Central President, Paul Byles, said: ‘Our club places a lot of emphasis on developing our youth.

‘It is very encouraging to see bright young Caymanians embracing opportunities such as these so enthusiastically.’

As well as recounting what happened at the conference, the students’ also recounted experiences from their involvement in the local Junior Achievement programme in Cayman, in which both students were recognised as being among the top eight Junior Achievers at a programme banquet in April.

Rotarian Ravi Kapoor, who has been a JA board member for 19 years and is Rotary Central’s Director responsible for JA this year, said: ‘I am proud to say that Saneta, Lloyd and Angelica are real examples of future leaders of Cayman in the making. We have seen over 3,000 achievers come through the programme since it started in 1991 and today many of the first achievers are taking up leadership positions in their professional fields and giving back to the community that supported them.’ This year’s programme has started with over 177 Achievers in 12 companies.

“We are very grateful to all the local companies who sponsor the Junior Achievement programme and have continued to give their support in this challenging economic climate.’ Mr. Kapoor added.

The JA programme aims to develop young people’s leadership skills and enhance their understanding of business and commerce in society. With the support and guidance of volunteer advisors from the business community, JA’s Company Programme gives basic economic education for high school students. By organising and operating an actual business enterprise, local students not only learn how businesses function, they also learn about the structure of Cayman’s economy and the benefits it provides.

To find out more about the Junior Achievement programme, call the JA office at 949-4306 or email [email protected]