Chase the cheap runs at Breakers

Motor car racing is one of the most expensive sports in the world.

From the cost of buying a race-ready vehicle to racing it five figures, if not more, is needed to keep up with the competition.

In spite of those costs remaining high in Cayman, the cost to race at the local track remains low.

Now that expense has reached a new low with the introduction of $5 runs at Breakers Speedway.

The premise is simple: for CI$5 any person with a valid driver’s license can take any car onto the track to make as many passes down the 1/8 mile straight as desired.

Last weekend saw the first $5 event and drew a significant crowd. This weekend offers gear-heads another chance.

From 6pm until about 10pm on Saturday Breakers will host races. Spectators can once again get in free while racers pay the miniscule competition fee.

In addition tonight sees a testing and tuning session at the same times.

Organizing the action will be Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell along with his faithful legion of supporters.

Among them is Rudy Ritch, the man often seen manning the timing system for the staging lights in the pit area.

As Campbell states almost all of the action at Breakers would be at a loss without Ritch.

‘Rudy is always there. He was there for the Halloween races, there for the races before that. I can’t remember having a race without him.

‘He deserves much of the props for all of the successful meets at Breakers. Without him I don’t think anything would run.’

The track continues to be the site of much action. Weeks ago the track hosted Halloween races, sponsored by Motor and General.

Next week sees the second meet in the Full Throttle race series put on by the Cayman Motorsports Association.

There are even plans for an international meet in January (tentatively the 30th and 31st) with racers from Jamaica and Florida.

In the midst of all of that Campbell remains adamant on safety and keeping local racing on the track.

‘The track is very well set-up since Billy Moffitt came weeks ago. Don’t race on the streets, take it to the track. Give me a call at 916-2222 and make an appointment.’