Disaster fund seeks volunteers

The Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund is looking for volunteers to bolster its staff numbers.

The organisation recently advertised for volunteers, saying it was looking for people from all walks of life and all ages.

The executive director of the Fund, Finley Josephs, said the volunteers would complement the organisation’s permanent staff of four.

‘The number of volunteers depends on their availability, so it is difficult to determine how many we would need,’ he said, adding that National Recovery Fund’s building on Courts Road in George Town can house seven people at a time.

The volunteers would leap into action if the Cayman Islands were to experience another natural disaster like Hurricane Ivan.

The organisation is looking for a volunteer secretary or customer service representative, programme coordinators, as well as building assessors. It also wants individuals who can help with booths and displays.

The Fund was set up in 2004 to handle private donations that flooded into Cayman after Ivan. It has also administered donations for Hurricane Paloma last year which decimated Cayman Brac.

Mr. Josephs said volunteers would assist the Fund’s project management team in assessing buildings following a disaster.

‘They would be trained to evaluate homes and provide an initial assessment of damage to the recovery management body, in conjunction with the Department of Planning,’ he said, adding that he hoped to put together a team of 12 to do this work.

The Fund has currently winding down and is no longer taking applications for sites damaged in Paloma.

Mr. Josephs said the Fund had spent $1.3 million on rebuilding and repairing houses damaged in Paloma.