Celebration marked independence foray

The beginning of independence started last Friday, 6 November, when our new Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush was sworn in.

By my count there were a couple thousand people on hand to witness this and I’m sure many were watching on TV. It was great to see that so many people showed up to watch what I and many other people could see as the beginning of our move to independence.

The tone of this event was one of celebration and a new sense of confidence and self determination by the people of Cayman as we now feel that we can handle going independent and also the realisation that Britain never really did anything for us before, so why continue to try to stay in a relationship that is clearly one sided.

I would compare the Cayman Islands current relationship with the UK to a broken marriage. You have one side (the UK) that clearly doesn’t want to be in this relationship anymore and has done everything to sabotage it (EuroBank anyone?) and then you have the Cayman Islands, which for some strange reason doesn’t want to leave the relationship even though it knows it can no longer work.

November 6th in my eyes was the day we decided it is time to leave.

Brian Ebanks