New DOT office home of ‘Welcome Back’ programme

The Department of Tourism has opened a new Visitor Information Centre at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal.

In addition to supplying information and materials for incoming visitors, the office is the headquarters for the Cruise Conversion Programme, ‘Welcome Back’, which encourages cruise passengers to return as stay-over guests.

The new space offers a professional environment that not only allows guests to cool down from the heat, but moreover provides guests with a visual depiction of Cayman’s unique and diverse offerings with the anticipation that it will entice guests to experience something new.

‘The new space we have at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal will positively impact the visitors’ experience with DOT staff when requesting information and brochures on the islands’ attractions, watersports, restaurants and everything else the Cayman Islands has to offer,’ said Racquel Brown, Manager Tourism Development Services for the Department of Tourism.

‘Welcome Back’ will be relaunched this month.

For the first time, the Department of Tourism has a physical and convenient location for guests to register for the programme and for staff to be able to deliver personalized service and enhance awareness about ‘Welcome Back’ to cruise passengers.