Natural duo flexed home with trophies

Two bodybuilders who went to the world natural championships in Washington DC last weekend came back with a clutch of trophies.

Michael Salmon and Susanne Clements did well against around 250 competitors.

Salmon is a fitness trainer employed by Rex Ebanks at King’s Sports Centre. He said: ‘I was very pleased with myself but first of all I have to congratulate Susanne who has only been training for 10 months and this was her first international show.

‘I’m proud of her as her trainer for coming fifth overall. Myself, after a layoff for a year and with only two months of training, I did really good. I came down in weight from 213 pounds to 163 and was pleased to come second in the Grand Master, which is 50 and above.

‘And in the 40 and above I came fourth and in the middleweight open I was sixth and I captured one of the most important trophies of all, the best overall posing.

‘We worked really hard. I know I have some weak areas that I have to bring up if I want to continue with this, which is my legs.

‘My upper body was really good but I need to bring up my legs a lot to capture the first place.

‘I want to thank Rex for giving me the opportunity to work and train here, Christine, my manager for giving me the time off and Dr Howard and all my friends and supporters for their backing.’

Salmon and Clements are members of the Cayman Islands Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Weightlifting Association, steered by former world bodybuilding champion Tiger Wilson and his wife Susan.

Salmon, 50, added: ‘Tiger, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. Since moving to this new organisation eight years ago, I’ve really enjoyed it.

‘I wanted to call it quits but I feel I have one more show left in me. It’s a lot of pounding on my knees and body and I wanted to pull back but I’d like to do one last show, locally. And I’m going to be a serious threat to a lot of the local bodybuilders.

‘Nearer the time, I will be calling out names. A lot of guys talk a lot of crap about they’re the best at this and that and I really want to meet them on stage.’

Clements, 39, was happy with her fifth overall showing considering she only took up the sport on 2 January this year.

The mother of two very sportive boys was intending to compete in the women’s novice class but it was cancelled and she had to compete in the women’s masters (over 35) and the open.

‘Of course, I would have liked to have done better but that will all come in time. My boys were very pleased as were all my extended family who came. They made a lot of noise and it helped.’

So what’s she doing next? ‘Eating! Resting! Taking a little bit of a break but I’ll definitely be back in the gym soon.’

Wilson said: ‘Congratulations to Michael and Susanne, they did really well. The Cayman Islands Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Weightlifting Association wishes to congratulate all the athletes for their success and efforts.’


Here are the results of the other team that went to the WNBF World Championship in New York City on Saturday:

Anthony Reid – 16th place in the Pro Bodybuilding Lightweight

Hugh Cotterell – sixth place in the Pro Bodybuilding Heavyweight

Dail Davis – Withdrew from the championship

George Eugene-Dewey – 10th place in the Pro figure and ninth in the best body championship.

IFPA/OCB Universe Muscle Classic will be held in the Cayman Islands on 25-26 June 2010.