Rotary Central holds elections

Wil Pineau, Chamber of Commerce CEO, will be the next Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central president.

The announcement was made at last month’s elections for 2010-2011.

Ravi Kapoor will be vice-president and Fiona Mosely will be president elect. The board will also comprise Margaret Rattray as secretary and Richard Lewis as treasurer.

Rotary Central’s board will also include, Paul Byles, Susie Bayles, Todd Davey, Naude Dryer, Larry Tibbetts, Greg Vasic and Graham Wood.

‘Our congratulations go to Wil Pineau and all elected board members,’ said Rotary Central President Paul Byles. ‘We are very proud of the accomplishments of Rotary Central and look forward to the club’s continuing success in providing support and services to the community.’

Rotary Central meets weekly at Dolce Vita restaurant at 7:30 Tuesday nights.