Sea Swim sunk again

The news of the postponement of the 5k sea swim was especially disappointing for some visitors who travelled to Cayman to participate in the event, since they were slated to leave before the rescheduled date.

So they decided to put together an informal activity, ably assisted by Kate Alexander, whose friend Jane Botta was here from Chicago to take part.

Shannon Prendergast of Virginia was pleased to have the opportunity to join the group, while Wendy Buckner, in from Ottawa and who missed out last year due to Hurricane Paloma, was determined not to let Mother Nature dash her hopes twice in a row.

Perennial Pirates Week swim participants Dee Korn and Jim Woods of Long Island, New York, are always eager to accept a challenge and were more than ready to get in on the fun.

Alexander not only took care of the administrative details but hit the water to complete the course as well and Sally Poole, who also joined the action, doubled the number of resident entries.

Brent Buckner and Jerry Harper were pressed into duty as officials and saw to it that the results were duly recorded.