Rum Point Restaurant ferry back on menu

Rum Point Restaurant re-opens Friday, 27 November with a new menu and a new chef as the island prepares for the tourist high season.

rum point chef

Chef Stuart Mena gets close to his ingredients.
Photo: Submitted

At 5.30pm the daytime beach bar and grill there will be transformed into a restaurant with one of the most gorgeous views in the world as the sun sets over the emerald sea.

The evenings are equally stunning as the days according to Rod McDowall of Red Sail Sports, who own the restaurant.

‘Rum Point has been renowned as a kid-friendly daytime excursion for a long time,’ he explained. ‘But often people aren’t aware of the restaurant.’

‘As the sun goes down the beach is deserted, there’s a great restaurant with a beautiful view and well-supported by North Siders and our long-term winter visitors.’

Often the distance to Rum Point from other parts of the island, says McDowall, can be off-putting for those wanting to eat out so this year on Wednesdays and Saturdays the ferry service is to be reinstated to get visitors to Rum Point.

‘It’s a two-hour round trip,’ he mused, ‘So we’re putting on the free ferry to and from Safe Haven so visitors and locals can have a good time without worrying about the drive, particularly after a couple of cocktails.’

Chef Stuart Mena comes with an impressive pedigree, having previously been Executive chef at the Governor’s residence.

‘I had a great four years there,’ said Mr. Mena, ‘but it was time to move on and things are looking really good here. It’s a new challenge for me.’

The menu is described as a fusion of Modern European style and Caribbean taste.

‘We need to showcase the great flavours we have here in Cayman,’ continued the chef. ‘The more local produce I can incorporate into my food, the better.’

‘I’ve been meeting with local fishermen up here who will be bringing us seasonal fresh fish and I want to start sourcing local foods from the local farms to showcase them. It’s important.’

Chef Mena will be assisted by a team of chefs including recent Culinary Society Award and medal winners, Kapila Kodituwakku and Saman Dadallage.