Heritage hats on display at Prospect School

Prospect Primary School took on a Cayman yesteryear theme last Friday in celebration of George Town Heritage Day.

prospect primary

During assembly time students, parents, teachers and storytellers participated in a series of yesteryear events throughout the day.

After a brief lecture of celebrating, protecting, preserving and promoting our heritage, by Guest Speaker Charles Glidden from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, students took to the stage to show off their yesteryear gear during the fashion show.

Cayman storyteller Michael McLaughlin was just as entertain with the pupils.

Mr. McLaughlin had the children laughing when he complained about how the Town folks would shout ”Praise the Lord,’ every time he hollered for his stubborn donkey -hallelujah.

Pint-size youngsters dressed in yesteryear plaids, thatch hats and whompers, also entertained their peers with lively jigs to the beat of quadrille music.

Prospect Primary School Brownies also contributed their part to the day of activities by performing the Maypole Dance.

After the celebrations in the hall, everyone was invited into the hallway to take a stroll down memory lane to view the heritage display presented by the students.

The reminder of the day included dancing, games, songs, food tasting and story telling.