Governor gets the picture

Members of the Cayman Islands Seafarer’s Association presented a calendar and painting to Governor Stuart Jack at his office on Monday, 23 November.

governor get picture

From left, John Smith, MLA Ellio Solomon, Governor Stuart Jack and Timothy Solomon during the seafarers presentation.
Photo: Stuart Wilson

The gesture was part of an official ‘thank you’ extended to Mr. Jack by the group.

Representatives of the association said they were presenting the issue to this governor because the project was themed around the new Cayman Islands Constitution, which he was instrumental in piloting to fruition.

Mr. Jack also received a painting of one of the frequently-used vessels of yesteryear.

The men thanked Mr. Jack for all he had endeavoured to accomplish for the people of the Cayman Islands during his tenure and gave him their blessings for the future.

Those on hand for the presentation included George Town MLA Ellio Solomon, President of the Seafarers Association John Smith and Fundraising Chairman for the Association Timothy Solomon.

The governor thanked the seamen for extending such a gracious gesture and explained that he was quite intrigued by the rich history they were a part of.

He encouraged them to continue telling their stories to the younger generations and commended them for their part in shaping the Cayman Islands.

MLA Ellio Solomon remarked: ‘It is as if the past and the future are shaking hands today, as Governor Jack has helped to advance a document that will take us into our future and these gentlemen represent our past; essentially, this can be seen as a symbolic passing of the baton.’

The Seafarer’s Association 2010 calendar can be purchased at Maedac Cafe, any Foster’s Food Fair location and Texaco.

This is the third calendar produced by the Seafarer’s Association.