Man arrested in car smash

Royal Cayman Islands Police have reported one arrest in connection with an incident in which the victim claims to have been assaulted by a man driving a truck.

Police confirmed the arrest on Tuesday afternoon, but did not give details other than to state that the first report of the incident came in as a damage to property claim.

Amjed Zureigat, a Jordanian national who lives in Cayman, has quite a bit more to say about the situation.

‘This man was trying to run down me and my wife,’ Mr. Zureigat said during a telephone interview this week. ‘We were saved by the grace of God.’

Mr. Zureigat said he was out along the road side Sunday morning selling plants opposite the Spotts landing dock on Shamrock Road. He said his wife arrived around 11.15am in the couple’s Honda Civic.

‘She was bringing me coffee,’ he said. ‘I was selling plants in the road; everybody on this Islands (sic) knows I sell plants on the road Friday, Saturday and Sunday.’

Mr. Zureigat claims that a man driving a Toyota pick-up truck headed toward the Honda at high speed and opened the truck’s door, knocking the Jordanian man to the ground.

‘He then back up (sic) and try to run over me in reverse,’ Mr. Zureigat said, adding that he was able to get out of the way by diving into the Honda.

At this point, Mr. Zureigat alleges that the truck’s driver rammed the Honda Civic and that he and his wife fled the vehicle and went to hide in a nearby bus shelter with the suspect continuing to pursue them in the truck.

‘He was almost driving over us,’ Mr. Zureigat said.

RCIPS officials were given numerous opportunities to comment on Mr. Zureigat’s claims. A police spokesperson said the RCIPS commissioner was aware of the report, but declined to comment further citing an ongoing investigation.

Mr. Zureigat did offer an explanation for why the individual driving the truck was allegedly attempting to strike him, but that explanation cannot be published for legal reasons. The identity of the man driving the truck has not been released because he has not been charged with any crime.

Sunday’s incident was not the first alleged crime against Mr. Zureigat that has been reported to Cayman Islands police. In June 2007, he was assaulted in downtown George Town in the alley behind Butterfield Bank and the Thompson Building.

Mr. Zureigat reported being struck on the head and having his wallet and cell phone stolen. He was treated for his injuries in hospital and released later on the same day.

Several high school students were arrested in connection with the attack, but no charges were ever filed and the case was eventually dropped.