Z99 knows What Women Want

Hurley’s Entertainment radio stations Z99 and Rooster 101 will host the annual What Women Want expo today, Friday, 27 November, but this year the venue has changed.

The expo has been moved to the Westin Casuarina Resort, as past years have proven it so popular that more space was needed. In fact, on average the event pulls in 800 to 1,200 people – 95 per cent of whom are, of course, women.

‘We have outgrown our [previous] venue,’ said JB, operations manager for Z99 and Rooster 101. ‘We sold out three years in a row so we’ve had vendors in and out of the ballroom – we want to be able to put everyone together.’

The location is not the only aspect of the show that has changed, however.

‘We’re trying something different this year and offering this show on a Friday,’ said JB. ‘We’re positioning it as a Happy Hour Shopping Spree. Lots of vendors offer show specials so it’s a great way to jumpstart your Christmas shopping.’

The expo features more than 20 vendors showcasing their products and services, including jewellery, clothing, spa services, lingerie, housewares, handbags and more.

Each vendor will also feature prizes and Z99 will broadcast live from the expo, which takes place from 5pm to 10pm.

‘With free entry, complimentary wine tasting and appetisers as well as a chance to win some fantastic prizes, it’s a hugely popular event with our listeners,’ JB said.