Thanksgiving kickoff for free school breakfasts

Mise en Place kicked off a new programme helping kids get nutritious breakfasts with a special American Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday at Red Bay Primary school.

The company is now offering free Friday breakfasts at the school which are aimed at promoting healthy eating.

‘The first breakfast was fresh yoghurt with mixed berries and homemade granola,’ said Claire Collins of Mise en Place School Catering Services.

‘The next week we will serve freshly prepared muesli with grapes and apple and we are baking apple bran muffins the week before the Christmas break. It is our hope that these items will be popular and will become part of our regular menu.’

Ms Collins says the company welcomes parents to join their children in the dining hall for breakfast every morning, and is also now offering local breakfasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

‘We are doing our best to live up to our motto ‘fuelling young minds’ by making our meals both appealing to children and good for them, putting as many vegetables on the students’ plates as we can,’ she said.

The company is sponsoring student meals, and fundraising to help sponsor student meals, with particular mention going to the Pink Ladies who donated funds to get this initiative started.

‘We are very particular about the products we use and we insist that all dishes are made fresh, daily even if this is at a higher cost to us,’ said Mise en Place managing director and owner Sean Collins.

‘The most important thing in our school catering business is trying to provide all the children with a well balanced, nutritious meal each day.’

He said that over the term of its contract the company has continually improved its service by adjusting menus after meeting with student councils, teachers and parents and getting feedback from the students themselves, purchasing new service items and continually training staff and monitoring their efforts more closely.

‘Today we are in a reasonably good position with students, parents and school staff….and that’s not an easy feat,’ he said.

As part of the free breakfasts, the first Friday of each month will feature a different international cuisine, with 4 December featuring Cuban food.

‘We have several staff members with Cuban heritage and they look forward to making a delicious, fun and educational meal for the students,’ said Ms Collins.