Kids get cooking with Chef Remy

Ten students from North Side Primary School Years 4 and 5 classes recently took advantage of Lighthouse Restaurant’s free cooking programme.

The community programme offered by the restaurant, gives school-age children the opportunity to see what is happening in the industry.

It also engages school children in hands-on learning in the preparation of foods, safety in the kitchen, healthy cooking and cooking for fun, Lighthouse Executive Chef Remy Azavedo remarked.

The students, participating in the lunchtime fieldtrip, were randomly selected the school after learning all about healthy foods.

During the cooking demonstration students learned about more than just chicken quesadillas, ‘cooking and sharing meals with other people is an enjoyable experience,’ Chef Remy explained.

After sampling some of the prepared dishes, participant Ashley Whittaker said: ‘Chef Remy is the most amazing cook in the world.’ She was joined by other students in commending the chef on his cooking abilities. Tiona Miller said she wanted to become a chef because she loved cooking and eating.

When students were asked what their teacher told them before the trip to the restaurant, one young shouted ‘teacher Williams said don’t embarrass her.’ To calm the scene Chef Remy decided it was time to get on to the next course – dessert.

The students also learned how to make chocolate pecan pie, served with vanilla ice cream and raspberries.