Trade & Business Brac trip

Nine members of the Trade and Business Licensing Board recently travelled to Cayman Brac to hold their monthly meeting in the Sister Islands. The trip was sponsored by the members of the board.

Deputy Chair, Mrs. Lynn Bodden noted that this was a historic event as the first time the Board had ever held their Monthly meeting in the Sister Islands. She commented that they were pleased to have the opportunity to visit the Brac and see first-hand the improvements in the community especially following the strike of Hurricane Paloma in November 2008.

Mr. Garth Arch, chairman, praised the progress made over the past 12 months, during a meeting with District Administrator, Mr. Ernie Scott and was updated on some of the challenges both private and public enterprises face on the Sister Islands.

Members also met with business clients from the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau and toured both the Alexander and Brac Reef Beach Resort hotels.

Visiting members of the board included: Garth Arch, chairman; Lynn M. Bodden, deputy chairman; Sybil Jackson, Cert. Hon., JP (Sister Islands Board member); Kriste Rankin; Marcus Cumber; John Thompson; Judy Faye McGaw; Troy Burke and Renee Rankin, secretary.