Valet parking at Camana Bay

Shoppers and other visitors to Camana Bay can now have their vehicles valet parked due to a new initiative by Camana Bay and Premier Valet Ltd. – Cayman’s first full-service valet parking company.

The service is now available on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 pm to 12 am for $7 a vehicle. According to a release from Camana Bay, the service not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also provides the signature level of customer service that is synonymous with Camana Bay.

Premier Valet Ltd. was launched two years ago by Caymanians Jamaal Solomon and Richard Barton Jr. who saw the need for this service on the island. They began by providing full-service valet parking at special events and now have a team of 15 employees.

Mr. Solomon said: ‘We approached Camana Bay with the idea of this partnership, and they welcomed us – this is a great opportunity for our company and we are really enjoying working with the team at Camana Bay.’

In addition to the obvious benefit of convenience, Premier Valet also offers valuable assistance with delivering retail purchases to the client’s car, which is thought to be especially useful for those wanting to dine or see a movie after shopping.

The Premier Valet employees have comprehensive insurance coverage. The company’s valet stations are near the entrances to Hollywood Theaters and Abacus Restaurant.

For more details about Premier Valet, e-mail [email protected] and for more information on Camana Bay and its events, visit