Promotion is coming to all

Promotion comes neither from the east, west, north nor south, but from the Lord Jesus Christ.

People of God get ready to be blessed, for your promotion is coming, some of you have been so faithful.

Some pastors and ministers have been so faithful to the Gospel, yet their churches are not full and they are struggling to pay the bills to keep the doors open. I say remain faithful to the Gospel and remember that the race is not for the swift but for he that endures to the end.

Wives and husbands some of you have been faithful to your partners and still have to put up with unfaithfulness, bitterness, selfishness and disrespect, left all alone at times to pay the bills.

Single parents, some of you have been faithful to your children by providing for them all by yourselves, sometimes with little or no income, you strive to conserve and cut back on certain expenses and utilities usage, only to be surprised at the end of the month when the bill comes in higher than the norm.

Expatriates, some of you are here on work permits and are about to be rolled out, some of you are so confused, while some have accepted, and think it is the plan of God to remove some people Whatever the outcome or the situation, do not be dismayed for all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.

Employees, some of you have been faithful to your jobs. You have been faithful to the point where you have put in many years and numerous hours and have not been able to worship the Lord in the way you should (in spirit and in truth). You have been dedicated to your job, with a sincere heart and good intentions, yet others were promoted and for your hard work you were not even compensated or recognised, despite the tireless efforts made. I say to you, press towards the prize of the higher calling which is in God.

Inmates, some of you that are locked away in prison are called to be teachers, doctors, ministers, pastors, evangelists, deacons, prophets and prophetesses. The devil wants to keep you locked away, so as to keep you silent and away from your purpose. If you would only know the power of worship, you would start to worship the Lord thy God. Right now wherever you are, begin to worship the Lord with all of your heart and with all of your soul. If you worship the Lord long enough and have faith, God is going to break the chains of bondage and free you in this season. You will not know when God is getting ready to restore you.

What this will mean for some? I do not know but I believe in the Holy Spirit and I am guided by His presence and I come to tell you that in this season the chosen people of God are going to reap the harvest. You are going to receive blessings that you will not have room to receive, for your promotion is coming.

Please remember, that when the Lord blesses you, it is not intended to be kept for yourself; you must bless someone else with a portion of what the Lord has blessed you with, for what good is it for anyone of us to gain the whole world and lose their soul?

In this season, God is putting His people in their proper positions so that His will, may be done, however let’s be careful with what we do with what the Lord will bless us with. If it’s a car, bless someone with a ride who may need one. If it’s a job, strive to give a portion of your earnings back to the Lord. If it’s a house, consider using an area of the home as your prayer room, or invite a few people over for Bible study, instead of running a competition with your neighbour. If it’s a child that the Lord may bless in your womb with, then give that child to the Lord that he or she may grow up in fear of the Lord. Remember a child is ordained from the womb.

I know that the devil has launched many attacks against God’s chosen people. I see where some of us are financially embarrassed and backed up on bills. It seems at times as if you are only working to pay your mortgage and scraping to pay the utilities, then using the little you’ve earned to buy food to put on the table.

Some of you have gotten so depressed that you have lost hope and given up and ended up in the mental clinic, while others are walking around like a time bomb, ticking day by day about to explode, because of the stress and pressures of life and you feel like God has put on you. But I come to tell you that the mental clinic alone cannot help you as God is your source and your promotion cometh from Him, as this too shall pass… only believe, for all things are possible.

This is your season, to prove God’s words that the righteous shall live by faith.

Margaret S. Branch-Bennett