Rotary RadioThon airs this Saturday

The first Rotary RadioThon airs live Saturday from 8am to noon.

Spearheaded by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, this new addition to their annual fundraising initiatives will be co-hosted by dms Broadcasting, Hurley’s Entertainment and Radio Cayman. According to a Rotary advisory, each station will promote the fundraiser live on the day and the stations’ listeners will be asked to make pledges by calling a dedicated telephone number, services provided by WestTel Ltd.

The Rotary RadioThon call centre, at the Governors Square Boardroom, will be manned by volunteers to handle calls and pledges.

WestTel will handle all the event’s communication and telephone needs, the release added. ‘When companies pull together to raise funds for charities, it really shows strong corporate leadership. We would like to thank WestTel, Cisco, dms, Hurleys and Radio Cayman for helping us make this event happen,’ comments Rotary Director of Fundraising John Felder.

To assist with the fundraising for the Rotary RadioThon, there will also be drop boxes at Hurley’s, Foster’s and Cost-U-Less for those wanting to make their pledges in this manner.

‘With the holiday season quickly approaching, we would love to see the spirit of giving shine strongly for this new event’, Mr. Felder added.

For further information on the Rotary RadioThon, email Christine at [email protected]

or John Felder at [email protected]