Help for small businesses

A new consulting and counselling agency has opened its doors in the Cayman Islands with the aim of assisting small businesses and individuals experiencing financial difficulties.

Headed up by Ralph Lewis, former GM for the Cayman Islands Development Bank, Lewis Consulting Services, will be offering small business support services.

“Small and medium enterprises globally have been struggling to survive in the current economic climate and those domiciled in the Cayman Islands are also experiencing their share of challenges,’ said Mr Lewis, a 30-year veteran of the banking industry with qualifications in banking, financial counselling and operational efficiency.

This company will offer reviews of existing business operations with a focus on operational efficiency, customer service, core systems, inventory management and financial discipline.

A press release notes the company will provide clients with approaches towards improving business performance. In addition, the company will be available to help with implementing recommendations and provide training if necessary.

Mr. Lewis said the company’s approach is to provide the necessary techniques, tools and skills for sustained improvements in business performance.

He also noted the firm’s foundation is based on integrity and confidentiality which are the major components for consulting and counselling.

‘The recommendations we provide will offer affordable tools and techniques which will increase the survival rate of these businesses.’

He also said the consultancy will offer personal financial counselling.

“The current economic crisis has affected the disposable income levels for individuals thereby placing tremendous strain on financial resources and relationships,’ said Mr Lewis.

He said the firm would be able assist individuals with gaining control over their finances and in turn their lives.

Mr Lewis said his long term plans include expansion within the Caribbean region through partnerships with established development agencies.

For further information contact Ralph Lewis at 345 916 2000 or email [email protected].