Cooking up a healthy festive storm

One of the most difficult things about Christmas and the festive season is managing to eat and cook healthily, but at a recent cooking workshop, cooks and diners were taught how to do just that.

cooking up

Maureen Cubbon prepares a healthy pizza.

Maureen Cubbon, Generali Worldwide’s manager of marketing, communications and health programmes, and nutritionist Andrea Hill took participants through a fun evening of cooking and nutritional advice at luxury kitchen store Bon Vivant in Governor’s Square.

While Ms Hill gave advice on how to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain, Ms Cubbon put those words into action and cooked up some delicious yet healthy treats in the store’s kitchen.

The secret to avoiding a blubbery Christmas lies in exercise and a determination to maintain your weight, rather than lose it, Ms Hill told the group that had gathered around the kitchen counter.

‘The best advice I can provide people with this time of year is to simply maintain your weight over the holiday season. Now is not the right time to be losing weight.

‘If anything, direct your efforts to incorporating more exercise to help balance out the extra appetiser and cocktail calories,’ she said.

In the meantime, Ms Cubbon was creating some mouth-watering dishes, including creamy mushroom phyllo triangles and mini cornbread crab cakes with lemon-caper sauce.

She also whipped up some flatbread pizzas with minced lamb and beef, topped with tomatoes and goat’s cheese, and for dessert, no one could resist the unhealthy sounding oatmeal, chocolate chip and pecan cookies. Ms Cubbon assured everyone they were healthy and good for us, despite appearances to the contrary.

She pointed out that most foods cooked at home are healthier than shop-bought or even restaurant-prepared dishes ‘because you know what you’ve put in there’.

The team runs these healthy cooking classes periodically. For information on future classes, contact [email protected].