‘Jukebox’ show has something for everyone

Kri Performing Arts School will perform its second annual fundraising Christmas show this weekend at the Harquail Theatre.

juke box

Students from Kri Performing Arts School at a rehearsal at the Harquail Theatre for their show this weekend.
Photo: Anna Wootton

The show, titled Diary of a Jukebox, will feature the variety one might expect from a jukebox-themed production, with a range of performances from students aged three to 30 in all styles of dance. Singing and music will also be incorporated into the show, as Kri recently expanded to include a cabaret school.

‘Kri has a cabaret group which includes young singers who are learning, as well as experienced singers,’ said Kirk Rowe, owner of the school. ‘Kri has expanded its creativity by developing a cabaret school which teaches vocals and includes music, song and dance.’

Mr. Rowe, who previously danced with local group Dance Unlimited, studied at the Jamaica School of Dance before training with the Ballet Creole in Canada. He also taught GCE-level dance at Peckham High School in England before settling in Grand Cayman.

Kri Performing Arts School has been in existence since January 2008 and teaches dance in all genres, such as modern, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, salsa, African dance, ballet and tap. Mr. Rowe started the school to ‘inspire young minds creatively’. Its name, Kri, stands for Kirk Rowe Innovations but also was a word that Mr. Rowe and his friends used growing up in Jamaica when they wanted to call someone’s attention to something. ‘It means to stop and listen and observe,’ he said.

Students participating in the dance show include Tenilla Rankin and Selena McLaughlin, both 12. Selena joined Kri because ‘I thought it would be fun. I do four classes a week in all different types of dance – jazz, hip hop, soca and African. My favourite is the Spanish [style].’

Tenilla also added her reason for taking classes at the school. ‘Dance keeps me fit and it’s fun too.’

Nineteen-year-old Roberta Jefferson will be singing for the show and fellow adult student Stephanie Webster will sing and dance in the performance. The routines choreographed for the concert showcase a variety of dance styles, music genres and ages of participants.

‘The show is fresh, spirited and includes the essence of the great king of pop,’ said Mr. Rowe, referring to several Michael Jackson-inspired pieces.

The show begins tonight, Friday, and continues tomorrow and Sunday at the Harquail Theatre. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm tonight and tomorrow. On Sunday the doors open at 6pm, with the show beginning at 7pm.

Tickets are $10 for children under 12 and $15 for adults for Friday’s and Sunday’s performances. On Saturday night, the show will celebrate its gala night with hors d’oeuvres served. Tickets for this night are $15 for children under 12 and $25 for adults. Call 925-4757 for tickets.