New students learnt really FAST

Fast Adrenal Stress Training Defense instruction resumed last week and it was again well received by the participants.

Bob Daigle and the rest of his ‘bullet men’ team taught a FAST Defense personal safety seminar at the Prep school.

‘We had a cross section of people take part in this seminar,’ Daigle said. ‘Among the participants we had a mom and her babysitter, a husband, wife and young daughter and a group of young girls aged 11-13.

‘We all know we should take a personal safety course and men need it just as much as women. Most people think it takes years of training to learn how to defend themselves. You would be surprised how much you can learn in just three hours.

‘One of the participants told us that the reason she and her young daughter were attending was she found an intruder in her home recently.

‘She said she was fortunate that nobody was harmed. She said: ‘What would I do if I were attacked? Would I freeze? I want to be prepared just in case.’ We were very impressed with these two students.

‘They learned how to deal with the effects of adrenaline and learned simple but effective self-defense techniques to physically defend themselves if need be.’

During the closing circle many of the adult students commented on how amazed they were with the group of young girls that took part.

They learned they have the right to flatly say no, the right to protect their personal space and they learned not to be too passive in communicating a refusal to lessen the dangers from predators and bullies.

The FAST instructor team also demonstrated how having an aggressive communication style can worsen a situation in a heated dispute rather than diffuse it. Some people unknowingly escalate and provoke situations to the point of violence.

“I mentioned during the seminar that hitting your brakes when someone is riding your bumper could end violently,’ Daigle said.

‘I said that is an example of escalating the situation. Why not pull over a little bit and just let them pass you?’

One student admitted that they had been in the same situation that morning, hit the brakes and would not do the same in the future.

Students are taught to avoid conflict and through being assertive a situation can usually end without incident.

Bob’s teenage son Alex made his debut as a bullet man.

‘Alex has taken a number of courses with us in the past,’ said Bob. ‘This time he was on the receiving end of the blows. Alex said he was surprised how hard the students hit.

“Even though I am wearing this protection I can feel the force of their strikes and I also can see through the netting of the helmet when the students flip the switch and fight for their lives,” Alex said.

‘It is amazing to watch when the students tap into their adrenaline. The best place to see it is from inside the suit,’ added Bob.

Many of the students thanked the instructor team for making it so realistic.

One woman said she felt without this training methodology and the bullet man suits there is no better way to create an experience as realistic as this.

Of the testimonials Daigle received, he was pleased to get this one from Sian:

‘I had heard about the Fast Defense course through the local newspaper and via word of mouth from friends who recommended it.

‘Having unexpectedly frozen in an uncomfortable situation one evening, when approached by an unknown male, I didn’t ever want to be in that situation again, which is why I wished to attend the course.

‘I entered the course with an open mind. Having said that, I think I was surprised and very happy with the fact that we were all physically active very quickly.

‘This course was definitely participation based, with very little sitting around.

‘From a gentle but important start about realizing our right to our own space and comfort level within that space and how to politely but firmly avoid ‘trespassers’ into that space, all the way through to shouting at the tops of our voices, whilst aggressively defending ourselves against (padded) assailants, out to harm us, we were encouraged, critiqued, and rewarded with a sense of having achieved something of great value.

‘I think it’s important to note how very simple and effective the course was. We didn’t have to memorize a load of fancy stances – quite the contrary.

‘It was very much about reacting quickly and effectively to completely unexpected scenarios. It was fabulous to watch the more timid and slightly built participants grow in voice and confidence.

‘Thank you to the whole team, who really did work with us, rather than lecture at us. I recommend this course to anyone wishing to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.’

There was a one minute news clip on CITN last week and there will be a segment on the Let’s Talk Sports show on 17 December at 6:30pm.

For more information on future courses contact Bob Daigle at [email protected]

or call 925-6946