New Tobacco Law welcomed

I applaud the implementation of the new Tobacco Law. I hope that any changes make it stricter and not more lenient.

I like the idea that it prohibits smoking within 10 feet of a place even if it means that smokers have to go out on the road.

No one wants to smell cigarette smoke, especially if it’s in an area where there are children around.

I hope this applies to the airport as well because I’ve had to ask people to please put out their cigarettes or move because I’m sitting their with my young children waiting for someone to come out of the Customs area and they sit next to us and light up a cigarette.

I don’t think the new law will affect anyone’s business because more people will go to these establishments because the environment will be friendlier.

The signage shouldn’t be a problem; get as many big ‘no smoking’ signs as possible and put them up everywhere so that people can’t use the excuse that they didn’t see them. This should have been started a long time ago because this law has been in the making for quite awhile, so everyone should have at least had a storeroom full of signs waiting to be put up.

I have noticed that Foster’s has had signs up for quite awhile saying no smoking within 10 feet of the building and I applaud this.

I don’t think it will be hard to just let someone know if they are not allowed to smoke and if they don’t want to stop, the proper authorities should be notified and that person fined – not the owner of the establishment, unless the proper action was not taken by them.

I was also made to understand that they would not issue anymore cigar bar licences and I hope this is the case so that no one takes advantage of that status. If someone doesn’t want to be around cigar smoke then they should not go to one.

As for small business owners and the fee, maybe they can be allowed to pay this over a few months period if they can’t manage it all upfront. I don’t want anyone to lose business because of a fee.

Maybe some will stop selling tobacco products all together. All tobacco products are damaging to your health regardless of the type so this law will make it better for the people who chose not to use them. As for the people who do, well just wait until you’re not around other people to do so and damage your own health, not the health of others.

Jonathan Rivers