Office workers in the giving spirit

BETTER TO GIVE: Nearly half of office workers say they plan to get co-workers holiday gifts this year – but only 36 per cent expect a gift in return, according to a recent survey.

Women were more likely to say they would give out presents to colleagues. While only 37 per cent of men said they planned to get presents for colleagues, 58 per cent of women said they expected to give a holiday gift.

“Typically people that do give gifts enjoy giving them, they’re not necessarily looking for something in return,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of staffing service Office Team, which sponsored the survey. “They may like to receive gifts but may not expect to.”

The youngest employees in the office – those between 18 and 34 – also were the likeliest to say they planned to give a gift to a co-worker (62 per cent) and expected to receive one (51 per cent) this holiday season.

That’s probably because the youngest employees more commonly build friendships with co-workers, said Hosking. They’re likely handing out holiday presents to individual friends rather than a token present to everyone in the office, he said.

More respondents said they expected a gift from a co-worker (36 per cent) than from a manager (29 per cent). They were also likelier to plan to give a gift to a co-worker (48 per cent) than to a boss (34 per cent).