Are shops next for Stingray City?

I am sorry to see that the powers that be see fit to grant a licence for a floating bar at the Stingray City Sandbar.

I was of the opinion that this would be in breach of (correct me if wrong) the Port Authority Law that prohibits drinking of ‘booze’ when boats are taking paying customers out there.

Drinking only being allowed after in water activities have ceased. (In other words on the way back from the sand bar).

Who will be monitoring this activity?

Obviously people will be swimming over to this bar and then waddling their way back to their boats(if indeed they are capable of remembering which boat they came on.

I think this could be another problematic situation that could have far reaching effects and wonder what will be next.

How about some shops on stilts?

That would certainly change the reply to the folks from the ships who in the past have asked ‘is there shopping at Stingray City’?

Peter Milburn