Black Pearl’s twin boosters

Cayman’s soaring skateboarding reputation will soon rise a notch because two of the activity’s greatest young exponents were enjoying the facilities at Black Pearl.

jr surf

JR can do some tricks of his own too.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

Until last week, for a fortnight the Cayman Islands was host to the Pueshe family and friends, seven in total.

The 12-year-old celebrated twins Nic and Tristan Pueshe (pronounced Pew-zuh) began skateboarding in their hometown of Shingle Springs, California at six.

They quickly mastered it immediately and coupled with their mental and physical toughness became stars rapidly.

Before a year had gone by the boys were picking up sponsors and began filming short videos of their skateboarding and posting them on YouTube.

They have built a reputation worldwide through their videos and already amassed over nine million views. They filmed an independent movie here that will be airing in 2010.

Ali Amos who helps run Black Pearl said: ‘We received an email from Michael Pueshe, the boys’ father, in regards to a visit here at the end of the summer.

‘After a phone conversation we decided it would be best to have them down to catch Pirates’ Week and the weather would be great for filming their new video.

‘This kind of exposure is so amazing for the Cayman Islands and the skate park because once their new video goes out, over nine million people will become aware of Cayman and Black Pearl will get the recognition it deserves as a premier skateboard and vacation destination.’

The boys put on quite a show to the public two Saturday nights ago, inspiring many skaters at the park, young and old.

The Pueshe family are one of many that came here specifically for the great skateboarding.

The park is the second largest in the world and all visitors are impressed with it, including champion pros.

‘This is the market we are trying to reach and it’s working,’ said Douglas Cameron Jr who has promoted the skatepark for years.

‘With the combined efforts of the park owner Mike Bell, the Department of Tourism, our team on the ground Ali Amos, Justin Dell and all the people that give their free time to help out; Pama, Devin Malice, Steve Myers and Cleve, the park will be a big part of the Cayman Islands tourism industry and everyone will benefit.

‘Not to mention how much this does for our local youth who get the opportunity to learn from these international superstars.’

There will be a Christmas camp that will bring down six more professional skateboarders over the break and the camp’s being covered by Transworld Skateboard Magazine, the industry’s biggest publication.

Cameron recommends that people should keep watching the Black Pearl website for more visiting superstars on