Celebrating tourism in diversity

Young and old participate in Caribbean Tourism Day competitions.

The Department of Tourism held two separate contests last month, an essay competition opened to the general public and a student art competition.

Participants in both categories were asked to use words or pictures to capture this year’s theme ‘Tourism: Celebrating Diversity’.

Winner 11 to 13 category

Winner 11 to 13 category (11 year old Dorothy Ojero)

Adults taking part in the essay competition were required to pick a member of the community or a local organisation they felt represented the theme.

For the kids art competition 5 to 16 years of age were asked to submit an original piece reflecting how cultural diversity enriches our lives, unites, and fosters peace.

The winner of the essay contest was Ms. Jean Solomon whose short profile on 71 year old Corita Mendoza

The owner of Corita’s Copper Kettle was nominated for all her years of service to the community by Ms Jean Solomon.

The organisation prize went to the University College of the Cayman Islands.

Nominated by Miss Leigh Smellie, she highlighted the cultural, social and economic programmes and classes on campus as the reason UCCI is symbol of tourism diversity.

In the 5 to 7 year old division of the art competition, George Town Primary’s Errol Smith captured the judges’ eyes with his rendition of cultures coming together during the Islands’ National Festival – Pirates Week. Persons of all races are depicted in the 5 year-old’s colour drawing united through the simple act of holding hands.

A student of George Town Primary, 8 year-old winner Sasha Richardson prevailed in the 8 to 10 division with her intricate colour drawing. The art piece depicted Cayman’s flag as the focal point with persons of every colour imaginable encircling the icon. Also included are Cayman’s National Bird, the Cayman Parrot, a drawing of the three islands and a major division of our tourism product, the cruise industry.

11 year-old Dorothy Ojerio of Cayman Prep High School linked the elements of food, music, art, architecture, religion and language through many of the Caribbean islands in her ‘Caribbean Community’ drawing, landing her the winning piece in the 11 to 13 division.

Finally, charming the judges with his colourful drawing, 14 year-old Lighthouse School student Jonathan McField won the 14 to 16 year-old category in the art competition. His vision of Caribbean foods included a host of local fruits and vegetables such as breadfruit, bananas and pineapple and the local seafood dishes of whole fish and shrimp.