New Sabrina connection alleged

Crown’s case closed; Defence to open 11 January

A woman who knew both Randy Martin and Sabrina Schirn, the person he is accused of murdering, gave a statement about an incident between them that was read in court last week.

Solicitor General Cheryll Richards read the statement, in which the woman said she met Martin in 2006. She knew Ms Schirn because they had gone to school together.

She recalled an incident she thought happened in late 2007, although Ms Richard clarified it was early 2007.

The waitress said she and her cousin attended a bar in central George Town where they saw Ms Schirn eating a plate of ox tail.

Martin was there and he told her Ms Schirn ‘is responsible or involved with’ his brother Fernando Martin being shot by Sheldon Brown. She said she saw Martin push Ms Schirn’s head into the plate of ox tail.

After that, Ms Schirn got up and went outside. Someone gave her water to wash and she said she was going to police to report what Martin did to her.

‘To my knowledge no other incidents occurred between them,’ the woman said. Her last contact with Martin was in December 2008. ‘When I last spoke to Randy, he did not tell me anything about Sabrina.’

She said in March 2009 she was made aware that Ms Schirn had been found dead. ‘I do not know anything about her death and Randy,’ she emphasised.

She also stated she had never been to the prison farm to visit Martin, or any other time.

The prison farm is where Martin, a serving inmate, was working on 11 March, the day Ms Schirn went missing. The car she was driving was found near the farm on 16 March and her body in another location in the vicinity of the farm on 17 March.

Following up on the witness’ reference to Sheldon Brown, Ms Richards handed up a newspaper article recovered from Martin’s cell. It was from the Caymanian Compass of 27 November 2008 and headlined ‘Sheldon Brown loses appeal’.

Brown was charged with attempted murder after James Fernando Martin was shot three times at the Cayman Islander Hotel in August 2004. He was found guilty after a jury trial in January 2006.

A Northward inmate gave evidence previously that Martin had asked him for Ms Schirn’s phone number in the early part of this year.

Acting Inspector Lauriston Burton and Inspector Kim Evans were recalled on Friday so that Defence Counsel David Evans QC could continue his cross-examination. He asked about actions had been taken to follow up on inconsistencies in the statements of two people who had left what he described as threatening messages on Ms Schirn’s cell phone.

He also asked about the phone records of Lance Myles, with whom Ms Schirn had been in a relationship at one time. Mr. Burton indicated that Myles had two other phones besides the one for which call records had been obtained.

No records were obtained for the other phones, however. In one instance, Ms Richards pointed out, the records showed an entry ‘Subscriber details not registered’.

There were other witnesses on the Crown’s list, but Ms Richards said they were not needed because the Defence had agreed to a number of facts, such as the chain of custody of exhibits.

Ms Richards formally closed the case for the Crown at 3pm on Friday. Mr. Evans advised that he had hoped to go to Northward Prison that afternoon with instructing attorney Adam King in order to speak with their client.

However, they would now not be able to see him until 8 January. On that basis, he asked to commence the case for the Defence on Monday, 11 January.

Justice Charles Quin, who is hearing the matter without a jury, agreed.