Half of Crighton’s Yard blacked out

Santa Claus was plunged into darkness in Rex Crighton’s yard on Wednesday night after an electricity pole outside the popular Christmas attraction caught fire.

Half the garden was blacked out – the half in which Santa was handing out presents – as visitors wandered through the yard which is illuminated with thousands of Christmas lights.

The Fire Services Department sent a fire truck to the scene as a precaution and Caribbean Utilities Company staff responded to try to fix the problem.

Pat Bynoe-Clarke, corporate communications manager at CUC, said: ‘There was a pole fire. Our line crew responded and sorted it out. The power was out from 8:23pm to 9:57pm.

‘CUC apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.’

Dale Crighton, son of Rex Crighton outside whose home in Spotts the dazzling Christmas lights are displayed annually said the spectacle is powered by 1,400 amps.

Each year, the Crighton yard becomes a Christmas wonderland that attracts thousands of residents and tourists.

‘It is unfortunate it happened the night Santa Claus was there,’ Mr. Crighton said.

He said he expected the power problem to be fixed by Thursday night when Santa was scheduled to make a repeat appearance to hand out candies – this time with the lights on.