Lions, Santa celebrate

Santa Claus made a special visit to the Lions Centre to give away a catalogue of gifts and other goodies for the annual All Island Kids Christmas Party on Sunday, 20 December.

Courtesy of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, the annual gift giveaway was attended by roughly 250 children and featured gifts donated by the Cayman Islands Motorcycle Association, as well as the Lions Club and others.

Each year, those who may have a little less can go to the Lions Centre for the event, which according to organisers saw one of the largest turnouts since its inception.

The undertaking has been active for more than 10 years.

Organisers also said there were more donations this year, which managed to quench the expectations of the larger pool of recipients.

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman has also carried out gift giveaways with the Sunrise Centre and the Lighthouse School this Christmas.

According to Lions Club Second Vice President Mitch Ebanks, the club will also be dropping off gifts to the elderly and shut-ins on Christmas Day.

‘It’s an extreme pleasure to be able to contribute to those in need, especially at Christmas,’ commented Mr. Ebanks.