Point taken!

Fencing may be an Olympic sport but it doesn’t get practiced much in Cayman – unless a top American coach is visiting.

Jean Goto, the instructor who had come from New York, was particularly impressed by the way the children developed and enhanced their skills from the first week-long camp in the summer.

Organiser Joanna Humphries said: ‘We had 14 junior fencers and 10 adults signed up to participate in this fencing camp.

‘We invested in an electric set which made the scoring for the adults a great deal easier and the children also had the opportunity to try it out.

‘The children had a great time. Friday’s tournament saw the children’s skills very well developed. We had a mixture of new and repeat fencers.

‘James Priaulx was the overall winner of the junior tournament. Cameron Galloway was runner up. Dylan Windsor and Graeme Hill also made it to the semi-finals.

‘Danny Link (a new fencer) was voted most improved fencer.’

‘The adult fencing was a new addition this time and we had a mixture of people who had never fenced before and those who fenced many years ago and wanted to refresh their skills.

‘The adults picked up the sport very quickly and had a lively tournament on Friday. Chris Humphries (her husband and chief sponsor) was the overall winner and Tony ‘Duff Geezer’ Watts was runner-up.

‘We are particularly grateful to Purple Dragon for hosting the fencing camp and for their support, enthusiasm and encouragement.’